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Set Up or Change Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for ctcLink

All employees at SPSCC are required to have additional authentication measures, beyond just username and password. These factors make our networks and college data more secure.

Your ctcLinkID can be secured with multiple factors including an app, an SMS (text) code, a voice code, other veror a USB security fob. Employees will be asked to set up a minimum of two of these factors but can enable them all if they prefer.

Note: ctclink MFA is similar to the one used for ClipperID MFA, but it is completely separate from the one you've set up for your ClipperID.

For ctcLink MFA, when a user selects "Keep me signed in" and successfully authenticates ctcLink, the device will remember the user for the next 16 hours. This means a user won't be prompted repeatedly for MFA throughout the workday, provided:

  1. you use the same browser, and
  2. your browser settings are not set to clear cookies every time you close your browser.

The MFA cookie expires automatically after 16 hours, which means you'll need to MFA when you log back in.

Setting Up / Changing Your ctcLink Multi-Factor Authentication Options

1. Navigate to the ctcLinkID Okta User Settings Sign In page (
2. Enter your ctcLink ID into the ctcLink ID field.
3. Enter your password into the Password field.
4. Select the Sign in button.

ctcLink Sign In page

5. A "Verify it's you with a security method" pop-up message appears.

Note: If this is your first time logging in with MFA, you will only see options based on the information you provided when you activated your account (email, phone, security question). SPSCC strongly encourages you to use Okta verify. Continue to follow these instructions to learn how to change these options and setup Okta verify options.

6. Choose the Select button next to the security method option you wish to use at this time and follow the prompts for verification.

Verify popup box

NOTE: Depending on the option you select, you will see new dialogue boxes guiding you through the verification process.

If you are unable to successfully verify with one of those options, choose the Verify with something else hyperlink at the bottom of these dialogue boxes to select a different option.

7. Once the security method have been verified, the ctcLink Account Portal (My Apps) page displays.

8. Click the Password Settings tiles to open your Account page.

Account Portal page with arrow pointing to the Password Settings

9. In the Security Methods section, update the various security methods by selecting from the listed options. Follow the prompts to set up or change the method of your choosing.

Account page with arrow pointing to the Security Methods section

Note: At SPSCC, we recommend Okta Verify, Security Key/Biometric (Yubikey), and/or phone as the preferred methods of verification.

  • Okta Verify requires you to download an app to your smartphone. It creates a randomly generated number to use as your verification code.
  • Security Key/Biometric uses a USB thumbdrive specifically made to recognize you by touch. SPSCC uses Yubikeys which are available a the IT Help Desk in B25 (while supplies last). If you are already using a Yubikey for your ClipperID MFA, you can set it up to use with your ctcLink MFA as well.
  • Phone: The system will send a text message to the phone number you've setup, and provide you with a verification code.

10. Once you've completed setting/changing your security methods. Logout of the Account Portal (My Apps) using the carat next to your name in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting Sign Out.

Drop down menu with arrow pointing to Sign Out

Note: Okta sends out an automated message for these types of changes. Below is an example:

Automated email from Okta with details regarding changes to security factors

Congratulations! You've successfully updated your MFA settings for ctcLink.

Need More Help? Contact:

  • if you run into any issues following this guide, please contact the IT Services Help Desk to resolve them.

    We're open from 7:30am to 5:30pm weekdays:

    • at 360-596-5544
    • or
    • or
    • or even visit us in person on the first floor of Building 25