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Approve Travel Authorizations

Approving Travel Authorizations

Navigation:  NavBar > Menu > Travel and Expenses > Approve Transactions > Approve Transactions

NOTE: Prior to reaching you for final approval, the Budget Reviewer should have completed a Budget Check.  At SPSCC the Budget Reviewer (usually the department's budget manager or budget tracker) will do the Budget Check when completing the Review process before it is routed to the Budget Manager (budget owner) to complete this Approval process. If Budget Check has not yet been completed, please contact the Business Office for assistance in re-routing this back to the Budget Reviewer.

  1. On the Approve Transactions page, select the Travel Authorizations tab to review and approve multiple Travel Authorizations.  The Travel Authorizations tab will display.

Approve Transactions page - Overview tab

  1. On the Travel Authorizations tabselect the Description link or Transaction ID link to navigate to the Travel Authorization Summary page.   The Travel Authorization Summary page will display.  

Approve Transactions page - Travel Authorizations tab

Use the Travel Authorization Summary page to review a summary of travel authorization expenses. Managers and project managers who have authority to approve travel authorizations use this page.

  1. On the Travel Authorization Summary page, select the Expense Type link to access the Expense Detail page to view information about each expense line. The Expense Detail page will display.

Travel Authorization Summary page

  1. On the Expense Detail page, review the expense line.

Expense Detail page


  1. If you are ready to make an approval action for the Travel Authorization, select the desired approval action button at the bottom of the screen. In this example, Approve was selected.  The Save Confirmation pagelet will display.
  2. Select the Return to Travel Authorization Summary link to return to the summary page.

The buttons available depend on the stage of approvals the Travel Authorization is in.

  • The Budget Owner (approving budget usage) or the employee's Supervisor (approving employee absence), should see the Approve button.
  • The Budget Reviewer (budget tracker), should see a Review button.

Travel Authorization Summary page

  1. On the Save Confirmation pagelet, select OK.  The Travel Authorization has been successfully approved for this stage of the process.

Save Confirmation pagelet

If you received an error message and are not able to approve the report, go to the Comments section, add the following comments "Error in approving report please review errors and resubmit once fixed".  Select the Send Back button to sent a report back to the employee to review the error. Once fixed, the employee can submit the report back into the approval list.

Be sure to contact the person to let them know there's an issue. If you're unable to resolve the issue, please contact for assistance.

  1. Process complete.