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Budget Check Travel Authorizations During Approvals

Budget Checking Travel Authorizations During Approvals

NOTE: This step is completed by the Budget Reviewer (usually the department's budget manger or budget tracker). It is then routed to the Budget Manager (usually the department's budget owner, director, dean, etc.) for final budget approval. The last step of this process is for the employee's Supervisor to approve this TA as it will mean time away from the office.

Navigation:  NavBar > Menu > Travel and Expenses > Approve Transactions > Approve Transactions

  1. On the Approve Transactions page, select the Travel Authorizations tab to review multiple Travel Authorizations.  The Travel Authorizations tab will display.

Approve Transactions page - Overview tab

  1. On the Travel Authorizations tabselect the Description link or Transaction ID link to navigate to the Travel Authorization Summary page.   The Travel Authorization Summary page will display.  

Approve Transactions page - Travel Authorizations tab

Use the Travel Authorization Summary page to review a summary of travel authorization expenses. Managers and project managers who have authority to approve travel authorizations use this page.

  1. On the Travel Authorization Summary page, select the Budget Options link.  The Commitment Control Details pagelet will display.

Travel Authorization Summary page

  1. On the Commitment Control Details pagelet, select  Budget Check to initiate the Travel Authorization budget check.

Commitent Control Details pagelet

  1. On the Commitment Control Details pagelet, note that the Budget Checking Header Status has changed and additional fields are displayed.  
  2. Select OK after the budget check has completed to close the Commitment Control Details pagelet.

Commitent Control Details pagelet

 However, if you receive a message saying "Budget Checking Errors Exist", please follow these next steps.

  1. Select OK.
  2. Next message - Budget Checking has logged 'Error' exceptions. Do you want to Transfer to the Exceptions?
  3. Select No.
  4. You will be sent back to the Travel Authorization Summary page.
  5. Go to the Comments section, add the following comments "Error in Budget Checking, please review errors and resubmit once fixed"
  6. Select Send Back.
  1. Process complete.