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Update/Add my Employee Transportation Data in my Expense Profile

Maintaining Employee Transportation Data in Expenses Profile

Navigation:  NavBar > Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Review/Edit Profile

  1. Enter the desired information into the begins with field.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Select the forward arrow to reveal more options in the available tabs.
  4. Select the Transportation Information tab.
  5. Use the Transportation Information page to review, add, delete, or modify transportation type data for an employee.
  6. Use the Transportation ID field to enter a description of the transportation type.  After you enter the transportation ID, you may not edit it.  If you need to change the name of this field, you can delete the line and re-enter a new one, providing that there are no miles associated with it.  Enter Transportation ID.
  7. Use the Transportation Type field to enter the transportation category.  These are globally defined, and they can be based on the type of car (such as compact or luxury) or the horsepower (such as 3HP or 4HP).  There are 3 transportation types configured for ctcLink: Auto, Cycle, Plane.  Enter Transportation Type.
  8. Use the Date Acquired field to enter the date that the employee acquired the vehicle. You may not edit this field after any miles are accrued for the transportation ID.  Enter Date Acquired.
  9. Use the Status Date field to enter the date when the employee received a transportation type. Expenses compares this date to expense report transaction dates to determine the availability of transportation IDs on the drop-down list on the report .  Enter Status Date.
  10. Select the Lease option to indicate that the car is leased.  This is informational only and is designed for the approver and auditor.
  11. Select the Car Allowance option to indicate that the employee receives a car allowance.  This is informational only, designed for the approver and auditor.
  12. Select Save.

Transportation Information tab

  1. Process complete.