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Send a document to a Secure Printer

Secure Print is a feature that that holds print jobs on the end user's workstation until they are ready to release the print job at their desired printer.  There are two secure printers on Campus.  One can be found in Building 28 room 120 in the Faculty Work Room and the other can be found in the Student Services Open Work area of Building 22 Room 220. If you need access to print at either of these printers, please submit a work ticket requesting access and include the SPIT Number of your computer. 

Once you have access to Secure Print, using the drop down arrow in the Printer Section, you should see the option of Secure Print in your print drive menu (see below). 

  • Select Secure Print on ServPrinter then  click on Print
  • Go to the printer you want to print from
  • Enter your ctcLink ID in the ID Number Prompt box on the printer menu screen
  • check the print job(s) you want to print (you can send and print more than one document at a time to Secure Print)
  • Select Print Release 
  • Pick up your print outs




Need More Help? Contact:

  • if you run into any issues following this guide, please contact the IT Services Help Desk to resolve them.

    We're open from 7:30am to 5:30pm weekdays:

    • at 360-596-5544
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    • or even visit us in person on the first floor of Building 25