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Change Password / Recovery Options for ctcLink (OKTA)

Use this process if you need to update the email or phone number where your password recovery codes for ctcLink (OKTA) are being sent.

1. Log into and enter ctcLink credentials when prompted.

Login - Username

Login - Password

2. Click on the Password Settings tile.

ctclink apps screen

3. Click on Edit Profile.

Edit Profile Button

4. Enter your ctcLink Password and click Verify.

Verify Password Screen

5. Answer your security question and click Verify.

Security Question Screen

6. Click on Edit in the area you wish to update.

On this page, you can update Personal Information, Display Language, Password, Text Message phone number, Voice Call phone number, or setup and/or remove Extra Verification options.

Password Recovery Edit Options

7. Follow the prompts to complete your updates.

*For example, to update your phone number for text message codes, change the number and click Send Code to confirm the change.

Forgot Password Text Message Edit Screen