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Approve a Requisition


This page is to help managers walk through the process of approving requisitions.

1. Use the Menu to move from Purchasing > Requisitions > Manage Requisition Approvals.
2. When the Manage Requisition Approvals search page displays, enter search criteria to identify your requisition.
3. Click Search.

Manage Requisition Approvals search page

  1. When the Requisitions section of the page populates, select the Req ID of your requisition.

Requisitions section

5. When the Requisition page displays, select Approve or Deny.

Requisition page

6. When the Approver Comments window displays, enter your comments.
7. Select Submit.

Approver Comments window

8. The Approver Comments window will disappear, and the Requisition page displays the outcome of your action.
9. Click the back button in the top left corner to return to the < Manage Requisition Approvals page.

Requisition page

10. When the Manage Requisition Approvals page displays, your requisition’s Action/Status shows the result of your action.

Manage Requisition Approvals page

11. Approval process is complete.


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