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Add a Student to a Student Group in ctcLink

You must have security permissions to add a student to a student group.  If you do not have permissions, have your supervisor submit a work ticket to the IT Helpdesk to set up those permissions.

There are two navigations you can use to get to the same screen to add or remove students from your Student Group:

Menu > Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Groups

OR you can also access this same screen via the Student Services Center at:

Menu > Campus Community > Student Services Ctr (Student)

If you go via the Student Services Center you will then need to click on the “General Info”, scroll until you see the Student Groups section and then click the “Edit Student Groups” button

Either way you go you will arrive at a page that looks like this, after you have entered a student’s ctcLink ID number:

To add a student to your Student Group you only need to click on the magnifying glass highlighted below.  Depending on your permissions level, the options available to you may vary.  Once you select your Student Group you want to add your student to, the Effective Date field will auto fill to the current day and the status will indicate “active”.

You can select either OK or Apply to finalize adding your student to your Student Group

Once you have added students to your Student Group you can pull a comprehensive list of all of the students in your group by running a query.  If you are unfamiliar with running a query you would first follow this navigation:

Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer

This will bring you to a screen with an empty field, Copy and Paste this query into the empty field and click the green “Search” button:


You should see a screen like this:

Click Excel and a list of all of the students in your Student Group will open in Excel.  You can also choose HTML and a list will open on your screen in ctcLink.  

You can also click the “Favorite” link (scroll to the right on this email) to save this query on your query viewer page. Then you will not need to remember the name or need to copy and paste it in the future. 

After you click Excel (or HTML) you will be prompted to enter some key data to tell the query which Student Group it is looking for, enter the data I highlighted below and click “View Results”