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Use a SoftPhone (Remote Telephone)

Configuring Your Mitel Soft Phone:

Anyone with a college phone number assigned to them will be able to use this method to connect their computer to thier phone. To begin you will need to make sure that Mitel Connect is installed on your computer. If you cannot find this application please contact the help desk who can get this installed for you.

Once you know that Mitel Connect is installed on your computer, follow the steps below to connect it to your office phone

  1. Log into your work computer using your ClipperID (

  2. Once logged in, open Mitel Connect

  3. When prompted to log in Mitel Connect, make sure to check the box next to Use Windows Credentials

  4. Enter your SPSCC email address in the username field (note: username may already be pre-filled)

  5. Enter your ClipperID password in the password field

  6. Click the Show Advanced link

  7. You can leave the Domain field blank or enter either or adm_svcs If you choose to put the domain name in the Domain field, you will need to remove the portion of the username before it will work.

  8. Enter PHONE-HQ or in the Server field. Use PHONE-HQ when you are on campus and when you are off campus.

  9. Click the Remember Me checkbox to save your credentials

  10. Click the Login button

You're done!  Of course, if at any time one of these steps doesn't work or you run into problems, contact the help desk and they can help you get this configured. For more on how to use the soft phone, you can use the Mitel Connect Quick Reference Guide for the basic functionality.