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Print Screen in ctcLink

Following are steps that print everything currently showing on the screen including that which is visible when scrolling to the bottom of the main window. This will not print the additional content from internal or nested scroll areas. This method may produce a multi-page output.

Printing the Screen

  1. If there are expandable/collapsible areas of the screen, expand those to be included in the print.  
  2. Collapse any that are not to be included in the final print.
  3. Use the Right button on your mouse to select any white space in the general area to be printed and choose Select All. (You may not have this option, it may show "Print" as an option to use).
  4. From the browser menu select Print Preview.
  5. Change the orientation to Landscape.
  6. Change the drop-down that reads As laid out on screen to As selected on screen.
  7. Select Shrink to Fit option.
  8. Select the Print button.
  9. The process to print the displayed screen is now complete.
  10. End of procedure

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