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Know when to use ctcLinkID instead of my ClipperID

Here at SPSCC, you will mainly use two login accounts, the statewide ctcLinkID, and the SPSCC-specific ClipperID.


Your ctcLink ID and ClipperID are two completely separate accounts. Your passwords and ID are different for both of them. Resetting a password for one does not reset it for the other.

In Brief:


  • Used statewide to open ctcLink through this login here:¬†
  • If you have activated ctcLink while attending another college, use the same ctcLink ID for all Washington State colleges.¬†
  • Students use ctcLink to complete registration, student financial aid, check grades, order transcripts.
  • Employees use ctcLink to find and open class rosters, financial services, updating your information, submitting timesheets, requesting leave, payroll information

SPSCC ClipperID (email address)

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    We're open from 7:30am to 5:30pm weekdays:

    • at 360-596-5544
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    • or even visit us in person on the first floor of Building 25