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Drop or Swap a Class

1. Go to the SPSCC homepage and Select "Menu" which will open a list of options. Below the main list, select "mySPSCC."

Top of SPSCC Website with Menu in upper right corner. Below is the resulting menu and a series of options across the bottom of the page with mySPSCC as the second option for selection.r

or you can login to, and select the tile for SPSCC.  You may see other tiles if you have attended other Community or Technical colleges in Washington State.


2. Select "Student Homepage"  

3. Select the "Manage Classes" tile.  

4. You can choose to drop a class by selecting "Drop Classes" or exchange one class for another by selecting "Swap Classes".  Select the term and college if applicable.

On the left side there is a box for Drop classes and two down from that is Swap Classes. Term and colleges may be listed to the right.

5. Select a class to drop using the check boxes to the left of the classes. Then select "Next".

Use the check box at the right of the classes listed to choose the class to drop. next is on the top right.

6. Make sure you have chosen the correct class then select "Drop Classes". Confirm your choice by selecting "Yes".

Review and then find the Drop Classes button on the top right.confirm your choice using "yes" button in the center right of the pop-up window.

7. You can always view your dropped classes by selecting "View My Classes" then check the box for "Show Dropped Classes".

View my classes is on the top left.  Show dropped classes is on the top right.

8. To "Swap" a class, you will first need to choose the class you want to drop from the "Select from your Schedule" drop-down menu.  Then select the class to be added from the "Search for Classes" drop down menu.  (You can learn to Search for Classes or Enroll from your Shopping Cart using these links.)

Select from your schedule using dropdown, then below that, search for classes.  swap classes is chosen on the left.

9. After you have found the class you want, and have reviewed the change, select "Submit" to swap the classes.

confirm class swap is highlight on the left. Submit is on the top right.

10. Confirm the swap by selecting "Yes".

Select the "Yes" button in the center of the pop-up window.