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Enroll from my Shopping Cart

In order to do this, you will need to select classes and add them to your Shopping Cart first.

1. Go to the SPSCC homepage and Select "Menu" which will open a list of options. Below the main list, select "mySPSCC."

Top of SPSCC Website with Menu in upper right corner. Below is the resulting menu and a series of options across the bottom of the page with mySPSCC as the second option for selection.r

or you can login to, and select the tile for SPSCC.  You may see other tiles if you have attended other Community or Technical colleges in Washington State.


2. Select "Student Homepage"  

3. Select the "Manage Classes" tile.  

4. Select Shopping Cart".

From Manage Classes, select Shopping Cart on the left side. It is below Enroll by my requirements and above Drop Classes

5. Select the class(es) using the boxes on the left.  You may choose to delete a class or enroll. You will be asked to verify your decision.

"Are you sure you want to enroll?" will pop up after you select the class and click Enroll.

6. A confirmation box will display "Enrollment Success" or it will list errors.  Errors may include prerequisites, prior enrollment, class permission, enrollment hold, etc.

7. Select "View my Classes" to verify your enrollment.

At the top left, click on View my Classes.  This box displays all your classes with start and end dates and rooms if applicable.

Process complete! Click here to find out how to Manage Wait Listed Classes.