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Search for Classes and Enroll

1. Go to the SPSCC homepage and Select "Menu" which will open a list of options. Below the main list, select "mySPSCC."

Top of SPSCC Website with Menu in upper right corner. Below is the resulting menu and a series of options across the bottom of the page with mySPSCC as the second option for selection.r

Or, you can login to, and select the tile for SPSCC.  You may see other tiles if you have attended other Community or Technical colleges in Washington State.


2. Select "Student Homepage"  

3. Select the "Manage Classes" tile.  

4. Under the "Class Search and Enroll" button, select your Institution and Term.

Manage Classes - Class Search and Enroll, choose your term and institution.

5. Enter a keyword to search for specific classes.  Then select the search arrow.

The following filters are available:

Subject -- Number of credits --Academic Session -- Location -- Class end/beginning times --Class open/closed -- Meeting days --Components (lecture/lab) - Instruction Mode -- Class Attribute

6. Select a course and the class sections will display. Select a section to see more details.

Manage Classes - Class Search and Enroll - Class search results, choose Hist 210Manage classes - Class Search and Enroll - Course Information for Hist 210

7. Click on "Additional ways to search" to look for classes in other ways.

Additional ways to search button is circled.  Get here from Manage classes - Class search and Enroll

8. Once you have chosen your class, select the "View Classes" arrow on the right.

Class search results. An arrow at the right is circled.  Click this to see course information.

9. Select the hyperlink to see more class details.  Select the right arrow to enroll in that section.

Course information.  There are hyperlinks in the middle of the page that will give more details.  Click the arrow on the right to enroll.

10. Once you have selected the course, there are 4 steps.  For step 1, make sure you selected the correct section and select "Next".

There are 4 steps listed.  Review class section, review class preferences, enroll or add to cart, and review and submit.

11. For step 2, input your wait list preference or permission number if applicable. Then select "Accept"

Class search and enroll, step 2. Yes or no for being added to wait list and enter permission number if applicable.

12. For step 3, Enroll in the class directly, or add it to your Shopping Cart. Then select "Next".

Class search and enroll step 3. Enroll directly or choose Add to Shopping Cart.

13. Step 4 asks you to review the course.  Select "Submit" and then "Yes" to continue.

Class Search and Enroll.  For step 4, review the course and click Submit to accept.  Then click on "Yes" to continue.

14. The updated Confirmation page displays.

The message "Acct 101 has been added to your shopping cart" is displayed.  You can return to Class Search or return to Keyword search.

15. You can click on Shopping Cart on the left of the screen to enroll from the shopping cart.  See the remaining steps here: Enroll from Shopping Cart.