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Delegate My Time and Absence Manager Role

To perform this HR-related task, you must first Navigate to the HCM Self Service Homepages.

Creating and Accepting Absence Mgmt and T&L Delegation

Creating Delegation Request

Navigation:  Manager Self Service (Fluid Page) > Delegations (Tile)

Delegations tile

  1. Delegations tile displays three tiles:
    • Create Delegation Request
    • My Delegates
    • My Delegated Authorities
  2. Select the Create Delegation Request tile.

Create Delegation Request tile

  1. The Delegation Request page displays.
  2. The process starts at Step 1 of 4:  Delegation Dates.
  3. Enter the Start Date and End Date.  Leave End Date blank for open ended delegation.
  4. Enter any comments in the Comments text box.
  5. Select the Next button.

Delegation Dates tab

  1. Step 2 of 4: Delegates displays.
  2. Select the Add Delegates tab.

Delegation Dates tab

  1. The Add Delegate pagelet displays.
  2. Enter the User ID. This is the same as their ctcLinkID (and Empl ID).
  3. If User ID is unknown, select the lookup icon (magnifying glass).
  4. The Lookup page displays.
  5. Search Results will display, or expand the Search Criteria section and enter needed criteria.
  6. Click the Search button.

look up page

  1. Search Results display.
  2. Click on the employee you wish to assign as delegate.

Search Criteria page

  1. The Add Delegate pagelet displays.
  2. The User ID field is now populated.
  3. Select the Done button to return to Step 2 of 4: Delegates page.
  4. Select the Next button.  

Delegates page

  1. Step 3 of 4: Transactions page displays.
  2. This page determines which transactions you are delegating.
  3. Choose the Select All button.
  4. Select the Next button.

step 3 of 4 transactions

  1. Step 4 of 4:  Review and Submit page displays.
  2. Review the details of the Delegation.
  3. Select the Submit button.

Review and submit page

  1. The Submit action returns you to to the main Delegations page.
  2. Select the My Delegates tile.

My Delegates tile

  1. Page displays all active Delegation Status.

Transactions review page

  1. The process to Create Delegation Request is complete.

Accepting Delegation Request

Navigation:  Manager Self Service (Fluid Page) > Delegations (Tile)

  1. The Delegations page displays.
  2. Select the My Delegated Authorities tile.

My Delegated Authorities tile

  1. The My Delegated Authorities page displays.
  2. The Submitted tab defaults and shows submitted delegations.
  3. Select the check box to the left and select Accept.

submitted tab

  1. A confirmation message displays.
  2. Select Yes.
  3. A message displays confirming the submission of the delegation request.
  4. Select Accepted and review the delegated roles, Start Date and status of the request.
  5. Process to Accept Delegation is complete.
  6. End of procedure.

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