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View and Update Personal Preferences

1. Go to the SPSCC homepage and Select "ctcLink" for the web version or "mySPSCC" for the app.

The top portion of the SPSCC homepage. On top rigth there is a ctcLink and a mySPSCC link.

or you can login to, and select the tile for SPSCC.  You may see other tiles if you have attended other Community or Technical colleges in Washington State.


2. Select "Student Homepage"  

3. At the ctcLink Student Homepage, select "Profile"   The ctcLink Student Homepage.  There are 9 tiles on the left side of the bottom row is "Profile"

4. You can review (but not change) your date of birth, gender, name, and social security number on the "Personal Details" page.  Once you enter your preferred name, both your primary (legal) name and preferred name will be displayed.


5. Update or add your email and phone preferences under "Contact Details".  Click on the [+] to add additional email or phone numbers. You can choose which email or phone number you prefer.


6. Make sure you have a current address on file. 


You do not need to fill in all of these fields.