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Set Up MultiFactor Authentication

All students are required have additional authentication measures, beyond just username and password.  These factors make our networks and student data more secure.  

Your ClipperID can be secured with multiple factors including an app, an SMS (text) code, a voice code, or a USB security fob. We strongly suggest that Students  set up a minimum of two of these factors but can enable them all if they prefer.

To set your ClipperID to use additional factors:

  1. Go to the ClipperID Okta User Settings Screen
  2. Click on the green Edit Profile button in the upper right part of the screen:
    Edit Profile Button Example Image
  3. Set the "Opt in to MFA" value to Yes
    Okta opt-in to MFA Example Image
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the Personal Info section (pictured above as immediately below the opt-in question)
  5. At your next login, you will be forced to set up at least one additional factor.

To help you set up the additional factors, we have made some helpful videos: