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Review "To Do" lists and Holds

1. Go to the SPSCC homepage and Select "ctcLink" for the web version or "mySPSCC" for the app.

The top portion of the SPSCC homepage. On top rigth there is a ctcLink and a mySPSCC link.

Or, you can login to, and select the tile for SPSCC.  You may see other tiles if you have attended other Community or Technical colleges in Washington State.


2. Select "Student Homepage"  

3. Select the "Tasks" tile.

The Tasks tile is the top middle tile. In a set of 9 tiles.

4. Once you are on the "To Do" list, select a task to view its details.

The Tasks page.  To Do list is shown.

5. Once you select the task, you will either get a page with "Task Details" or an "Activity Guide" depending on the nature of the task.

A list of task details. The x in the top right closes the screen.
Some tasks lead you to an Activity Guide.
                                   Activity Guide

6. Select "Holds" on the To Do list page.  Then choose a hold to determine what action is needed.

Select a hold from the list to determine what action is needed.