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Attach a Document to a Travel Authorization

To perform this Finance-related task, you must first Navigate to the FIN Self Service Homepages.

PLEASE NOTE:  Travel authorizations already submitted for approval will not be available for modification unless withdrawn from approval or sent back during the approval process.

If you have followed the steps to Create a Travel Authorization, but have not yet submitted it for approval, you can attach documents to the TA using the following process:

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expenses > Travel Authorizations > Create/Modify

  1. The Travel Authorization search page displays.
  2. Enter Empl ID.
  3. Select Add.

Find Travel Authorization

  1. The Create Travel Authorization page displays.

When attaching large documents to transactions, it is recommended that you create and save the transaction first.  In this example, the attachment is small.

  1. In the header section:
    1. Select Business Purpose.
    2. Select Default Location.
    3. Enter Description.
    4. Enter Date From.
    5. Enter Date To.
  2. In the Projected Expenses section:
    1. Enter Date.
    2. Select Expense Type.
    3. Enter Description.
    4. Select Payment Type.
    5. Enter Amount.
    6. Expand the Accounting Details section.
    7. Enter ChartFields.
  3. Again, up top in the header section:
    1. Select the Attachments link.

Screenshot with Attachments button shown

  1. The Travel Auth Attachments window displays.
  2. Select Add Attachment.

add attachment

  1. The File Attachment window displays.
  2. Browse to your file.
  3. Select Upload.

Browse and Upload

  1. The File Attachment window disappears.
  2. The updated Travel Auth Attachments window displays.
  3. Enter Description.
  4. Select OK.

add description and click on OK button

  1. The Travel Auth Attachments window disappears.
  2. The updated Create Travel Authorization page displays.
  3. Select Save for Later.

Save for Later button

  1. Process complete.